Cooking Classes Bodrum

Asli, the founder is a former travel executive. She comes from a family of tutors her great grandfather was a physics teacher and her grandfather was a Professor in Economics, her father still teaches at the naval accademy and she herself was a part time teacher at a University in Istanbul, she says “teaching is in my genes.” She spent some time in U.S.A and Belgium when she was groving up owing to her fathers diplomatic career. After a long career in Istanbul, running a travel company and a hotel she changed her life to become a chef in Bodrum. She has collected many recipes and stories while travelling all over Turkey and abroad and inherited many from her family members and now she is running a well know restaurant in Bodrum and is willing to share what she has saved all her life and is trying to promote Turkish Cuisine to the world as much as she can. She is the co-founder of SlowFood Bodrum convivium and is trying to save ancient recipes in the area with her fellow members.


Asli also does a cookery and life style program on a local TV channel every week. Her program focuses on local recipes, fresh ingredients and is trying to support local farmers by creating awareness.
Cooking Classes Bodrum, is an all ladies envoirenment that work and enjoy cooking at the same time, all the ladies that work here are in their second careers, our pastry chef is French and is an attorney at law but by choice she likes to cook our desserts, our sous chef is a lab technician who prefers to cook delicous meals and likes to share her recipes.