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We love our food in Turkey. We believe it is one of the best and healthiest cuisines of the world. We offer recreational cookery experiences in a wonderful setting in a olive garden. Being in the heart of very fertile lands and cultures, our Turkish cuisine became a melting pot of many traditions. There are endless varieties of recipes. Bodrum area is very special since we can get fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs all year round; making it “the place” for a school of Aegean Turkish Cuisine which is based mainly on olive oil and vegetables.

Our main objective is to teach our delicious cuisine to people who would like gain the knowledge, and in a very pleasant ambiance and original environment. We want to welcome those of you who would like to join us in this enjoyable journey of learning, experiencing and tasting with like-minded people from all over the world.We also warmly welcome non-cooking partners and friends at our residential classes and offer them a chance to paint, do pottery or just relax and enjoy the beaches or the poolside. Erenler Sofrasi, our restaurant, serves delicious meals every evening and from time to time we find classical music performances to add to the atmosphere.

Healty Aegean Turkish CuisineAsli finds that Fodor’s travel guide sums it up perfectly:
“Aegean cuisine is in many ways different from Turkish food elsewhere in the country. The shared Turkish and Greek culture of the region's past, the climate and soil suitable for growing a wide range of vegetables, and the prevalence of olive trees and olive-oil production have helped the region develop a much more varied and probably healthier way of eating than elsewhere in Turkey. Olive oil replaces butter and fish replaces meat on most menus. The class of dishes generally called zeytinyaglı (literally "with olive oil") mostly comes from this region; it means vegetables cooked in olive oil, mostly with tomatoes and onions, and served cold. Vegetarians will be in heaven.”

She says “This explains very well our cuisine in this part of our country. I would also add that we take particular care to use the many herbs and vegetables that are grow wild, such as the nettles, mallows, coltsfoot, chicory, mushrooms, wild asparagus, and from the seashore- wild samphire. We also add the flavours of the many citrus orchards around the Bodrum area to some of our dishes, adding a zest and balance to the olive oil. Most of the vegetables found in farmers markets are naturally organic, brought direct from the farmers and village men and women who rise so early to harvest before taking up their spot in the marketplace. I take care to try and use their produce, and would like to introduce our guests to them.”

Cooking Class in Turkey that would bring mostly olive oil and vegetables to your table.

Cooking Class in Turkey, that teaches Turkish home cooking.

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Our restaurant on site serves delicous meals every evening and from time to time classical music performances add to the atmosphere.
In our Turkish Cooking Classes we teach regional home cooking.
In Bodrum in Turkey Cooking Classes that will bring variety to your home cooking.

We teach dishes that you can easily make back home, at our Turkish Cooking Classes.